Scafold Castors

These castors are available in nylon and urethane wheels (double brake system).

Solid Rubber Wheels Split Disc Wheels Super Elastic Wheels

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Size Bore Size Tread Weight
100mm 25mm 50 100kg
125mm 25mm 50 150kg
150mm 25mm 50 185kg
200mm 25mm 50 200kg
Size Bore Size Tread Weight
150mm 25mm 50 140kg
200mm 25mm 50 140kg
250mm 25mm 50 150kg
300mm 25mm 50 150kg
350mm 25mm 75 180kg
400mm 25mm 100 200kg
Size Bore Size Tread Weight
100mm 20mm 45 250kg
125mm 25mm 45 300kg
160mm 20mm 45 250kg
200mm 25mm 45 300kg
Urethane Wheels Black Elastic Bonded onto Aluminium Pneumatics (Plain or Ball Bearing)

Size Tread Weight
100mm 50 250kg
125mm 50 300kg
150mm 50 350kg
200mm 50 400kg
Size Tread Weight Bearing
200mm 50 200kg BB25
Size Tread Weight
260mm 85 80 - 100kg
300mm 85 120-140kg
350mm 85 130-150kg
Gate Roller Kits (60&80mm) Fixed Housings and Wheels for Supermarket Trolleys Wheelbarrow Wheel

Size Tread Weight
60mm 50 250kg
80mm 50 300kg
Sizes Available
Size Available
(Plain Bore or Ball Bearing)

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